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SoundCheck / pureba <el Sonido>

Sociedad del Paisaje


Live performance

SoundCheck / prueba <el Sonido> is the first production of the choreographic project (Paisajes Coreo-Sonoros). This work delves into the possibilities of the corporality of the sound and resonance of the body from spatiality. The project uses a "soundcheck" as a performance act that seeks tuning of the body and calibrate the sound equipment as an "stage act" that opens questions about the relation of body and sound. For this piece, we collected direct sound recordings in the Cumbres del Ajusco National Park and El Tepozteco National Park. In counterpart of the recordings in ecological environments, we created three sound systems (speakers that were designed and built by ourselves) to produce a range of Feedbacks (feedback noise) .


SoundCheck was premiered at the Museo Universitario del Chopo as part of PLURAL Meeting of Ibero-American scene and thought in 2019.

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