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To place the body or the future is already feminist
(Lab and workshops)

Sharing with fellow artists in residence of Poco a poco and an open call for all those women interested to join the project in this new stage. Guiding bodily practices from somatic movement research and working on the first feminist-collective production of Poner el cuerpo's banner series, NECÍA, Oaxaca City, 2023. 

Residency at Centro de las Artes de San Agustín Etla Oaxaca, in the frame work of Tejido Organico - Laboratoria de Investigación para las Artes Vivas, PADID, august 2022.

Collective and relational practices of sound, body, new media and territory. Sharing feminist practices, thoughts, and new work explorations on decelerated movement research with painting and collective production.

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