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Live performance


Pre-posición investigates the pause as a possibility of relationship and movement. On these explorations, prepositions become the intermediate point that establishes an invariable relationship of dependence between two elements: flow and stillness, performer and spectator, object and subject.


In Pre-posición (2019), a piece of synthetic grass becomes the radial point from which a body moves slowly between positions, positioning itself, passing through, and relating to a surface that is molded but lacks movement in itself. While, Pre-posición (2018) names and articulates possible and invisible relationships between the body and space by using some of the 23 Spanish prepositions, to reveal actions, movements, and pauses in a circumference delimited by the penumbra with the viewer.


Pre-posición was performed in 2019 at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City as part of Movement Research at the Judson Church, and it was previously performed at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico as part of Procesos en Diálogo a curatorship of La Mecedora Live Arts Platform in 2018. Pre-posición was supported by the State Ministry of Culture of Michoacán in 2019.

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