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SoundCheck / Paisaje

Sociedad del Paisaje



This is the second creation of the choreographic project [Paisajes Coreo-Sonoros], the piece takes up the objects constructed for the stage version SoundCheck / Prueba <el Sonido>, readapting and reinterpreting the research on the possibilities of the corporeality of sound and the resonance of the body from spatiality. This project was made in collaboration along with the sound artist Fermín Martínez (FRCH) and directed by Sendic Vázquez, as part of Sociedad del Paisaje. For this second choreo-sound landscape we created a choreo-cinematic piece where we explore the coexistence between body, sound and forest at the Huitepec Ecological Reserve.

SoundCheck / Paisaje was supported and premiered by CONECULTA Chiapas within the programming Vivo el Arte.

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