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Un Territorio Diáfano is an intimate space, a body of water, a multiplicity of insides. The piece is a visual essay on bodies traversed by light, on the relationship of sound with the presence, and an insistent search of intimacy through different spaces and materialities. This work in a video format was created with the support of Bristish Concil's international collaboration grant as part of SALTAR's project (Casa Festival UK and Cuatro X Cuatro Festival MX). Conceived by Sociedad del Paisaje and filmed in the Yucatán Península, Un Territorio Diáfano was directed by Sendic Vázquez, choreographed and performed by Iliana Olalde, sound design by Fermín Martínez, photography and edition by Fer Frías, still photo by Paulina Cervantes, produced by Cordelia Greison and Melissa Herrada.

Premiered at Brixton House Theater in London, within Casa Lab Festival 2022.

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